Gouache painting of women with large flowing dress, where many scenes are quilted.
A girl climbs ladder and reaches for a book.
A redesigned book cover for "The Little Prince" in gouache which is a dark blue cover, with a fox, roses, clouds, a red plane, a snack and a telescope.
Were they not satisfied where they were? said the switchman. Four trains cross the page in this watercolour illustration, zigzagging each way. The trains and blue and yellow.
An illustration of a cozy cottage in the marsh. A goose swims in the water in the foreground.
A princess looks up to see dozens of paintings of her royal family.
Illustrated items that belong in a witch's cottage: a magic book, herbs, a jar of buttons, a teapot, potions, an orb, embroidery, a feather, a rock, a ring, crystals and a candle.
Girl looks up at a centipede who is sitting on a mushroom.
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