Two girls ride a red wagon decorated to look like a rocket ship, complete with cardboard wings taped onto the sides. One girl looked excited, she's a daredevil, the other looks appropriately nervous as they sail through the air. (1/3)
Two girls hold hands: the taller has red hair and a striped top on and looks shy, while the other smiles wide up at her, with an afro of curly hairs and a pair of overalls on. They are soon to be best friends. (2/3)
Gouache painting of women with large flowing dress, where many scenes are quilted.
Girl climbs ladder and reaches for a book.
Ink illustration of the young Lyra wearing warm clothes and a hat looking at the alethiometer (golden compass) in her hands. Behind her stands Iorek the armoured polar bear, protecting her. In the background are stars and the hot air balloon.
Three drawings of Alice: she has dirty blonde hair cut in a bob and wearing a grey-blue polka dotted dress and yellow and orange striped socks. Her backpack is rabbit-shaped with a blue waistcoat.
Girl looks up at a centipede who is sitting on a mushroom.
Four trains cross the page in this watercolour illustration, zigzagging each way. The text says "Were they not satisfied where they were?" asked the little prince. "No one is ever satisfied where he is," said the switchman. The trains and blue and yellow.
A young girl wears a rabbit mask, a patterned over-sized sweater and dark pants. She tilts her head curiously.
A girl is facing right walking with purpose. She’s using a pink and white cane. She also has purple hearing aids. She’s wearing a coat, jeans and red hair in a pony tail.
An ink wash illustration in greyscale of a fairy placing a flower crown on a girl. The fairy's dress is made of moss and mushrooms grow on it like the forest floor. This scene is inspired by the a story from Scottish folk tale of the Ghillie Dhu.
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